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Black swan and gray rhino events have been emerging in recent years against the backdrop of global economic volatility and China facing up to 'deepwater area' reforms. Pandemic, energy crisis, economy and trade of major power, geopolitical conflict, monetary policy, inflationary pressure, "dual carbon" target, antitrust policy, debt issue, polarization between the rich and the poor as well as population problem, each of which is no longer a distant and empty concept, starting to directly and abruptly affect cellulose fiber industry.

Cellulose fiber industry that has entered a new life cycle is difficult to simply rely on the traditional model to cope with the increasingly complex environment. Fortunately, new international cooperation starts to emerge and China also sets steady growth as a new goal. At a micro level, there is cooperation between industrial chains, and corporate products, marketing, and brand building are constantly in line with the international leading level. How to embrace the changes of the times and go higher and further in the new cycle? Experts from all walks of life will be invited to discuss about the topics and we look forward to your participation of the grand event!

Meeting Matters


Registration: P.M. Sep. 20, 2022
Forum: Sep. 21-Sep. 22 A.M. 2022


New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou, China ★★★★★
(No. 818, Middle Shixin Road, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China)

Conference Fee

Online participation: USD 1500/company(no more than 5 accounts)
On-site participation: USD 1380/person(USD 1280/person before Apr 30)

Accommodation Fee

Twin-bed room: RMB 550/day
Executive single room: RMB 600/day


Contact: Shine Hua
Phone : +86-571-83786599

Cancellation and refund

Refund can be claimed before Sep. 8 in written form

Forum Agenda

Prospect of the global economy under great changes
China viscose fiber industry outlook in the 14th Five-Year-Plan period under "Double Carbon Target"
Development strategy sharing of leading cellulose fiber enterprises and suggestions to the industry
Sustainable development leads new growth in cellulose fiber
When will the spring of cellulose fiber come?
Global nonwovens status quo and industry standard
The practice sharing of specialization, refinement, differentiation and innovation in viscose industry
Will global shipping pattern return to pre-pandemic level?
European carbon trading principle and specific operation mode
Discussion on changes in the global apparel market after the COVID-19 pandemic
Cellulose fiber application in downstream industry
Global dissolving pulp market trends
Where are the margins of lyocell pulp applicability
How long will the drastic volatility of caustic soda market last?
2022 China paper pulp market outlook
Cotton market supply & demand and development trend in 2023

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16th China Hangzhou Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum (2022)
*Requirement for accommodation Twin-bed Room:550 yuan/day
Executive single room:600 yuan/day
※Please fax the confirmation letter to viscose industry forum committee before Sep. 8, 2022 (Please confirm by telephone to avoid being missed). At least two business cards of every delegate should be prepared for registration.


16th China Hangzhou Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum hosted by www.ccfgroup.com, www.ccf.com.cn and www.tteb.com will be held at New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou during Sep. 20-22, 2022. The conference will be supported by the commercial sponsors, providing a platform for the enterprises to communicate with each other. Please considerate the sponsorship proposal according to your own. (The number-limited items will be determined by the receiving order of the confirmation letters.)
Expiration date: Sep. 8, 2022





Tea break

One colored page in the conference presentations

22,000 RMB

Only one company

Conference fee of two domestic participants will be waived

5-minute promotion video will be displayed in conference hall before the conference

Two X banner stands in tea break area

Negotiating room

One negotiating room of the hotel

19,800 RMB/session

Three companies

Conference fee of two domestic participants will be waived

Two X banner stands

Fruit sponsorship

Advertising card in guest room (method can be negotiable)

20,000 RMB

Only one company

Promotion video

5-minute video displayed before the conference

8,000 RMB

Three companies

Information desk A

One table, two chairs and background of information desk (width: 3m; height: 2.4m)

20,000 RMB


A 60s on-site interview for exhibitors to be posted on WeChat channel and Tik Tok account of Huarui Information

Information desk B

One table, two chairs and a pair of X banner stands

14,000 RMB


A 60s on-site interview for exhibitors to be posted on WeChat channel and Tik Tok account of Huarui Information

Large-scale printing

Background of registration desk (width: 5.5m; height: 3m)

18,000 RMB

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Background of information desk (width: 3m; height: 2.4m); Corporation materials displayed on information desk, with background marked with “information desk”

16,000 RMB

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Large-scale printing on golden porch (width: 3m; height: 2.4m)

15,000 RMB


Conference presentations (A4 color printed)


15,000 RMB

Size: 216*291mm,300dpi

Inside front cover

12,000 RMB

Inside back cover

9,000 RMB

Back cover

10,000 RMB

Prime page 1

12,000 RMB

Other inside pages

7,000 RMB

Page footer (within 25 Chinese characters like company name, telephone number and advertisement)

10,000 RMB

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Mineral water/mineral water tag promotion

Mineral water with tag on the bottle

15,000 RMB

35mm*35mm (only one company)

Representative badge/ representative badge string

Company name, logo, telephone number and advertisement (within 25 Chinese characters), string of the representative badge provided by the sponsor

13,000 RMB

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Company name, telephone number or advertisement (within 25 Chinese characters)

5,000 RMB

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Gifts provided by the sponsor in the material bag

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One copy of handout provided by the sponsor in the material bag

8,000 RMB


X banner stand

Inside or outside the conference hall

5,000 RMB/pair


Material bag

Material bag provided by the sponsor

8,000 RMB

Only one company


Advertorial for twice during conference promotion (not headline)

5,000 RMB


Sponsorship Confirmation
Design requirement Own design  Commission design
Contact: Shine Hua ; Tel: 0086-571-8378 6599 ; Fax: 0086-571-8378 6600 ; Email: hs@ccfgroup.com


Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd. (www.ccfgroup.com
·Address: 26-27/F, Building 1, Huarui Center, No. 66 Jianshe 1st Road Xiaoshan District,Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
·Contact: Shine Hua
Phone: +86-571-83786599
·E-mail: market@ccfgroup.com

Postponement notice

Dear distinguished guests,

Thank you for your continuous support and attention to China Hangzhou·Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum.

In view of the current severe situation of COVID-19 and in order to implement the relevant requirements of the epidemic prevention and control by the government, effectively do a good job in epidemic prevention, and ensure the physical and mental health of the attendees, the 16th China Hangzhou·Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum scheduled to be held during May 24-26, 2022 will be postponed until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and please contact 86-13867176116 for more details.

We promise to present a wonderful industry event and sincerely look forward to your participation of the conference after the epidemic is over!

Organizing Committee of the 16th China Hangzhou·Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum
Apr 25, 2022