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China's recycled cellulose fiber industry has witnessed healthy development in the past 20 years and has promoted co-prosperity of world recycled cellulose fiber industry chain. However, the current globalization process is facing rigorous challenges. The continued spread of the novel coronavirus in 2020 has caused a severe setback to the global economy, bringing unprecedented challenges to China’s recycled cellulose fiber that has to reconsider the development direction of the industry.

What impact will macro-environment changes pose on recycled cellulose fiber industry? Where is the way out for traditional viscose fiber? Will the industry have further merger and integration? How do companies build their own competitiveness? What is the current status of lyocell fiber industry encouraged by the state and what impact will it bring to VSF? How to treat the peak of cotton-VSF price spread in recent years? What changes have taken place in dissolving pulp supply? How much is end-user market affected by industry transfer? How long can the popularity of spunlace nonwovens last? What opportunities will the pandemic bring to investors?

Be strong-minded, brave winds and waves. With those industry thoughts, let us gather at the 14th China Hangzhou Cellulose Fiber(Viscose)Industry Forum to exchange and explore the road of high-quality development of the industry. We are looking forward to your participation on November 3rd, 2020.

Meeting Matters


Registration: P.M. November 2, 2020
Forum: November 3, 2020


Grand New Century Hotel Radio&TV Zhejiang ★★★★★
(No.399 Honghui Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province)

Conference Fee

Online participation: USD 1500/company(no more than 5 accounts)
On-site participation: USD 1380/person(USD 1280/person before Oct.23)

Accommodation Fee

Twin-bed room: RMB 500/day
Executive single room: RMB 500/day


Contact: Nicole Wang
Phone : +86-571-83786654
Fax: +86-571-83786600

Cancellation and refund

Refund can be claimed before Oct.23 in written form

Forum Agenda

A.M. Nov 3
8:50 Opening Speech
9:00 The ongoing China-US game
——Zhu Bin, Economist
9:50 Sustainable development of regenerated cellulose fiber
——Zhang Zixin,Collaboration for Sustainable Development of Viscose (CV)
10:20 Tea break
10:40 Green·Technology, cellulose fiber development and opportunity
——Simon Huang, Sateri
11:00 Has a new cycle of boom for VSF come?
——Kevin Ding, CCFGroup
11:35 China and world cotton supply and demand forecast amid COVID-19
——Cheng Sujing, CCFGroup
P.M Nov 3
14:00 Innovation practice of sustainable development in cellulose fiber
——Zhang Dongbin, Tangshan Sanyou
14:30 Status quo of spunlace nonwovens industry and new technology development
——Jin Xiangyu, Donghua University
15:00 Discussion on the development prospect of Lyocell fiber
——Xue Liwei, China General Technology New Materials Group Co., Ltd
15:25 Tea break
15:40 The Outlook for market pulp
——Oliver Lansdell, Hawkins Wright
16:10 DWP market update
——Christian Chavassieu, Celco
16:30 Interpretation of fiber consumption market in the post-COVID-19 era

Join In

14th China Hangzhou Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum (2020)
*Requirement for accommodation Twin-bed Room:500 yuan/day
Executive single room:500 yuan/day
※Please fax the confirmation letter to viscose industry forum committee before Oct 23, 2020 (Please confirm by telephone to avoid being missed). At least two business cards of every delegate should be prepared for registration.


14thChina Hangzhou Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum hosted by www.ccfgroup.com, www.ccf.com.cn and www.tteb.com will be held at Grand New Century Hotel Radio&TV Zhejiang during November 2-3, 2020.
The conference will be supported by the commercial sponsors, providing a platform for the enterprises to communicate with each other. Please considerate the sponsorship proposal according to your own. (The number-limited items will be determined by the receiving order of the confirmation letters.)
Expiry date: Oct 23, 2020

Tea break

★  One colored page in the conference presentations

★  5-minute promotion video will be displayed in conference hall before the conference

★  Online participation

★  A pair of X banner stands in tea break area

RMB 28800

Only one company

Negotiating room

★  One negotiating room of the hotel

★  Conference fee of two domestic participants will be waived

★  A pair of X banner stands

RMB 19800/session

Three companies

Fruit sponsorship

★  Advertising card in guest room (method can be negotiable)

RMB 20000

Only one company

Promotion video

★  5-minute video displayed before the conference

RMB 8000

Three companies

Information desk
(Conference hall map)

★ background of information desk (width: 3m; height: 2.6m)

No vacancy

Only one company

Information desk B
(Conference hall map)

★ One table, two chairs and background of information desk (width: 3m; height: 2.6m)

RMB 18000


Large-scale printing (C)
(Conference hall map)

★ Large-scale printing outside conference hall (width: 3m; height: 2.6m)

No vacancy


Registration desk

★ Background of registration desk

★ width: 5m; height: 3m

No vacancy

Only one company


Conference presentations

A4 color printed

★ Cover

No vacancy




★ Inside front cover

RMB 12000

★ Inside back cover

RMB 9000

★ Back cover

No vacancy

★ Prime page 1

RMB 12000

★ Other inside pages

RMB 7000

★ Page footer (within 25 Chinese characters like company name, telephone number and advertisement)

RMB 10000

 Only one company

“China Chemical Fiber Weekly ” special issue

★ Inside colored pages

RMB 4000/page

Simultaneous to the conference

Mineral water/mineral water tag promotion

★ Mineral water with one tag on the bottle

No vacancy

 35mm*35mm (only one company)

Representative badge/ representative badge string

★  Company name, logo, telephone number and advertisement (within 25 Chinese characters), string of the representative badge provided by the sponsor

No vacancy

Only one company

Directory of the conference
page footer

★  Company name, telephone number or advertisement

★  within 25 Chinese characters

RMB 5000

Only one company


★ Gifts provided by the sponsor in the material bag

RMB 5000



★One copy of handout provided by the sponsor in the material bag

RMB 8000


X banner stand

★ Inside or outside the conference hall

RMB 5000/pair


Material bag

★ Material bag provided by the sponsor printed with company name and logo (length: 35cm; width: 40cm; height: 10cm)

No vacancy

Only one company


★ Advertorial for twice during conference promotion (not headline) (official account: 华瑞资讯CCF)

RMB 4000

Two companies

Sponsorship Confirmation
Design requirement Own design  Commission design
Contact: Nicole Wang; Tel: 0086-571-8378 6654; Fax: 0086-571-8378 6600; Email: wxq@ccfgroup.com


Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd. (www.ccfgroup.com
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·E-mail: market@ccfgroup.com

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