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From cellulose pulp into textile fibre-certain critical factors affecting the conversion
——Heikki Hassi & Xiang You, from Scitech

2021-05-27 14:02:46


Firstly, they pointed out that the common ground of viscose fiber plants and dissolving pulp factories is to provide perfect cellulous fiber in industrial spinning. There were some key factors impacting the conversion from cellulous wood pulp to textile fibers, including the processability of wood pulp in an alkaline cellulose (AC) press, reaction of wood and the condition of optimized spinning. Comprehensive introduction of these technologies were also made. 

Finally, Heikki Hassi & Xiang You expressed that in order to maximize the production efficiency and fiber quality of the viscose fiber plant, it is necessary to understand the wood pulp used, optimize the wood pulp mixture and define an appropriate production formula for each wood pulp and wood pulp mixture.

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