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Lyocell dissolved wood pulp market and future development
——Billy Wang from CNG

2021-05-27 11:58:53


First, overview on global dissolving wood pulp. Global dissolving wood pulp is around 9 million mt/year, including PHK-HW (56.9%), sulphite-SW, etc. Global dissolving wood pulp is mainly used in VSF (79.1%) production and also acetate, etc. China's dissolving wood pulp import is around 3.25 million tons per year, mainly from Indonesia, Brazil, the United States, and mainly used in VSF (90.7%) and acetate, etc. Mr. Wang also introduces global Lyocell fiber capacities in the coming 2-3 years.

Second, the raw materials of dissolving wood pulp. Major wood species for dissolving pulp include soft wood such as hemlock and pine and hardwood such as eucalyptus and poplar, distributed in North America, Asia and Europe, and the density changes of those species. Mr. Wang also introduces the characteristics of cross section and fiber morphology of spruce, eucalyptus and poplar.

Third, the key process for high quality dissolving pulp (PHK), covering the advantages of PHK showing in pro-hydrolysis and cooking and also the major achievement of PHK.

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