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Interpretation of fiber consumption market in the post-COVID-19 era
——AUCHAN、Canopy、GAP、Jin Xianghui、IHAPPY

2020-11-04 14:55:16

Ms. Kong of Jin Xianghui: Challenges and opportunities coexist during the epidemic. At the beginning of 2020, due to the lack of workers, a large number of orders could not be produced. Later, a large number of orders had been withdrawn in the market due to the epidemic in foreign countries. However, Jin Xianghui did not encounter the phenomenon of order withdrawal because of the high quality of his customers. Production began to return to normal at the end of April and the early May. Orders from September to October were full, and some orders that were too late for production abroad returned to China.
Mr. Huang of IHAPPY: The production schedule that has not yet been produced in the early stage has suspended; all the employees within the company sold goods by live streaming promotions on e-commerce platforms and the overall effect was good. Subsequently, the ordering mode was changed from 4 times a year to monthly ordering; the ordering rhythm was postponed and the production cycle decreased. The order quantity was adjusted to reduce the store purchase quantity and replenish the goods according to the actual sales situation. Generally speaking, the epidemic has an impact on spring and summer clothing, but sales has increased by 30%-40% for autumn and winter clothing.
AUCHAN GIL ALBANNA: Two needs are urgently resolved, one is to respond in a timely manner, and the other is to be flexible. Change your own model according to the market to meet the needs of the market. We need to change our business model and procurement model, and we have to take on more responsibilities. We have to work closely with our partners, we need them to ensure that the raw materials are good. For us, we want faster production, we need a lot of fast support, and we need the support of suppliers of raw materials. COVID-19 is a great challenge, and all links of the supply chain need to maintain efficient operation to deal with the epidemic.
GAP Agate Smeets:Agate Smeets said that through this epidemic, we are all rethinking about sustainable development, and we are also reflecting on the key points that we can strengthen to protect the world's endangered forests. Our expectation is to take forest protection as the focus of protection, awe have encountered challenges in many aspects. If our suppliers find problems, we hope to minimize the risks to protect the forest. We also see what risks are in the supply chain, if we still cannot minimize the risks, we will continue to work with them for hoping to achieve a win-win situation in the end. We are also keeping a close eye on what can be done better.
CANDY Catharine Grant: In January 2019, we launched a report about survival, whether from a climate perspective or a biodiversity perspective, to enable us to better protect forests, especially through the recycling of physical objects. We discussed with some investor, and we have also developed an equity platform. So the epidemic makes us rethink. We are cooperating with the largest viscose manufacturer, and we are also very interested in Chinese manufacturers.

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