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Discussion on the development prospect of Lyocell fiber
——Xue Liwei, China General Technology New Materials Group Co., Ltd

2020-11-04 14:43:01

Mr. Xue's report is mainly divided into 4 parts.
I. Brief introduction on China Textile Academy Green Fibre and China General Technology Group
II. The historical development of lyocell fiber industry. 1. sustainability - Challenge to industry development; 2. excellent performance; 3. the history development of lyocell fiber at home and abroad.
III. Current status of lyocell fiber industry. 1. Support to lyocell fiber industry from the government and industry. Lyocell fiber belongs to the national strategic emerging industry, which is in line with the development direction of the national 13th Five-Year Plan; 2. Lyocell fiber producers and capacity; 3. Planned new capacities; 4. Lyocell fiber industrial technology; 5. Feedstock supply, pulp: acid-processed softwood pulp, solvent; 6. Lyocell fiber application; 7. Proportion of lyocell fiber in the industry; 8. China lyocell fiber supply and demand.
IV. The development prospect of lyocell fiber industry and suggestions: Mr. Xue introduced lyocell fiber industry from technology, product and cost optimization and finally put forward suggestions on application expansion and market promotion.

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