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Status quo of spunlace nonwovens industry and new technology development
——Jin Xiangyu, from Donghua University

2020-11-03 16:11:24

Mr. Jin's report is mainly divided into four parts.
The first part indroduces the current situation and background of the spunlace nonwoven industry, including the basic status of drylaid/wetlaid spunlace nonwoven capacity and technology, feedstock market, and product distribution.
The second part is a description of drylaid spunlace materials and technologies. This part briefly introduces from the three perspectives of "main product structure", "wiping material market status", and "spunlace combination process".
The third part is a brief introduction of wetlaid spunlace nonwoven materials and technology. Mr. Jin introduced the specific details of the process, the four wetlaid spunlace substrates, and the advantages of wetlaid spunlace substrates.
At last, Mr. Jin gives the outlook for the market. Chinese spunlace enterprises now pay more attention R&D, manufacturing and sales. The overall technical level of leading spunlace nonwovens enterprises in China has improved significantly. After more than 20 years of prosperous development, China has become the largest spunlace nonwovens production and supply base in Asia, as well as the largest manufacturer of wet wipes and medical products OEM. Some domestic spunlace nonwovens companies already have leading GMP production environment and management in the industry. The nonwoven production equipment of medical and health products has shifted from imported to domestic equipment and began to be equipped with advanced fully automatic equipment and on-line monitoring instruments, robot operation, remote diagnosis technology, and quickly marched towards intelligence.

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