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Green·Technology, cellulose fiber development and opportunity
——Zhang Dongbin, from Tangshan Sanyou

2020-11-03 16:10:08

Mr. Zhang's report is mainly divided into four parts.
1. Industry development status: More lyocell fiber new capacities will be commenced in the future; China's clothing industry has huge demand potential, and the amount of cellulose fiber will continue to increase in the future.
2. End user's demand: The wood used in the viscose industry has a short growth cycle, which provides impetus for the growth of demand; ZDHC contracted brands are concerned about the discharge of hazardous chemicals; 263 brands have participated in international environmental protection organizations and advocated EP actions. The brand advocates the use of sustainable raw materials in the production process.
3. National environmental protection policy direction: The energy conservation and pollution emission in cellulose fiber industry has improved. With increasing improvement of national environmental protection policy standards, it is encouraged to use environment-friendly processes to produce cellulose fibers.
4. How do we do? We should actively promote FSC certification for the purchase of pulp raw materials, and continue to increase the purchase of certified pulp, make innovation to promote the sustainable development of the cellulose fiber industry, including new models of circular economy, water recycling technology, waste gas treatment improvements, etc., apply transparent management of supply chain and choose non-wood cellulose fiber raw materials.
In conclusion, we should strictly control the source of raw materials, production process and product quality, so as to build a green and sustainable industrial chain from the forest to end user's brand.

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