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Green Technology, cellulose fiber development and opportunity
——Simon Huang, Vice president of business from Sateri

2020-11-03 14:28:48

Mr. Huang confronted the subject from several aspects, first is fiber consumption market pattern change: environmental production and health have been more concerned, innovation drives demand and online consumption tendency strengthens. Where are the cellulose fibers headed amid new market and new demand. He explained from three angles. 1. Adhere to the path of green sustainable development. 2. Collaborative innovation along the supply chain. 3. Focus on changes in consumer behavior.
Sateri's green product line emphasizes on green, science and technology, fashion, coping with market changes optimize product structure, green technology, focusing on sustainable fiber technology.
Sateri strengthens the idea by providing solutions for a variety of sustainable products, industrial chain association, partnership cooperation, focusing on changes in consumer behavior and expand online channels. Moreover, Sateri has comprehensive layout to meet market demand. For example, the company plants a million trees a day, following a sustainable development model; two markets, three brands, grow together; three million tons capacity planning to meet market demand, domestic and overseas layout, ensure supply efficiency; 4S - Stable quality, stable supply, stable service and stable cooperation; 5 benefits - to the people, to the country, to the environment, to customers, to the industry.

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