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Sustainable development of regenerated cellulose fiber
——Zhang Zixin, Collaboration for Sustainable Development of Viscose (CV)

2020-11-03 13:05:59

Mr. Zhang’s report is divided into three parts:
Firstly, he expressed the significance of sustainable development of the industry. Sustainable development is related with commerce, and some international leading brands plan to complete all or most of the replacement of "non-renewable raw materials" in the next 5-10 years. The key of the definition of sustainable materials of regenerated cellulose fiber is the idea of lice cycle, and regenerated cellulose fiber accords with this idea.
Secondly, Mr. Zhang introduced Collaboration for Sustainable Development of Viscose (CV). The collaboration evaluates the sustainable development of an enterprise from 3 links (sourcing of raw materials, production process and product quality) and 6 aspects (Chemical management, energy resource, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, human rights and Quality management). In addition, he illustrated CV Alliance sustainable governance practice and innovation practice of CV Alliance Enterprises.
Finally, Mr. Zhang made forecast for the 14th Five-year Plan Period, including the spunlace nonwoven fabric and sustainable development, the implementation and continuity of CV roadmap, green purchase of dissolving pulp and the encourage of green production process. CV is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of the whole life cycle of regenerated cellulose fibers. Relying on the Made in Green tag, every link in the industrial chain can ensure that the source of raw materials, production process and products meet the requirements of sustainable development, and achieve the traceability of the whole process. CV can enable enterprises in all aspects of the textile industry chain to quickly create their own sustainable products and grasp the pulse of sustainable fashion.

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