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Application of Transparent Factory in Viscose Fiber Industry
¡ª¡ªChen Chen, Vice President of K2data

2019-05-23 10:04:31
Chen Chen, Vice President of K2data, delivers his report of Application of Transparent Factory in Viscose Fiber Industry 

In this report, Manager Chen mentioned that the serious challenge that China¡¯s industry faced made the upgrading from ¡°Made in China¡± to ¡°intelligent manufacturing in China¡± imminent. Besides, he proposed the concept of ¡°transparent factory¡± of industrial big data, referring to improving management level relying on data. 

At present, there are four problems to be solved urgently in digital transformation of viscose fiber industry: 1. mutual independence of production data; 2. no stream data; 3. information delay; 4. Bonded production. 

Transparent factory is an integrated service platform focusing on industrial value. It can satisfy the demand of more industrial corporations for digital transformation through establishing a unified meta-model based on platform. The implementation of transparent factory can make management model digitalization, comprehensive data acquisition automation, key process by online management, sharing key information across departments in real time and tracing accurate records of process quality come true. Through these ways, data assets are optimized and management level and efficiency are improved, so the digital transformation is realized. 

At last, Manager Chen expressed that we could accelerate the gathering of more business, data, applications and teams through industrial Internet platform to promote the transformation and upgrading from ¡°Made in China¡± to ¡°intelligent manufacturing in China¡±, driving the future of China¡¯s industry through data.
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