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Technology-driven Sustainability!!Sateri's leading innovations in production, products and value
!!Fengxin, Vice President of Sateri

2019-05-22 15:20:44
Fengxin, Vice President of Sateri, delivers his report of Technology-driven Sustainability!!Sateri's leading innovations in production, products and value chain 

First of all, Manager Feng introduced Sateri. As one of the leaders of cellulose industry, occupies 30% market share in China, with strong sense of social responsibility and excellent production quality. 

For raw material procurement, Sateri implements responsible sourcing policy and continues to lift the usage ratio of certified raw materials. In 2018, the ratio of certified dissolving pulp reached 95%.Sateri¨s EcoCosy? fibre products adopt leading responsible sourcing standards. Moreover, Sateri is a participator of the conservation of biological diversity in raw material supplying areas and helps with forest protection. For environmental protection, Sateri insists on comprehensive and sustainable production with the leading recycling technology. And it is the first batch in the world that is certificated by STeP by OEKO-TEX?, with great grade in environmental performance. 

As for product quality and performance, Sateri¨s EcoCosy has advantages in spinning efficiency, yarn strength and knitting efficiency, and has leading performance and quality in brightness, cleanliness, anti-pilling and dyeing stability and so on. Its unique virtual VC certificate provides convenient and verifiable transparent supply chain management. 

At last, Manager Feng concluded three advantages of Sateri: unprecedented excellent quality, leading responsibility for optimal ecology, perfect partner for leading win-win.
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