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Fashion's Collective Action to Protect Forests
!!Neva Murtha and Catharine Grant from Canopy

2019-05-22 16:10:37
Neva Murtha and Catharine Grant from Canopy deliver the report of Fashion's Collective Action to Protect Forests 

As senior corporate activists at Canopy, Neva Murtha and Catharine Grant are leaders in advocating for the environment and promoting sustainable development. The report focuses on the promotion of forest conservation in three parts. 

According to UN Environment forest conservation is 30% of the solution to preventing catastrophic climate change. Habitat loss through deforestation, and other land change, is the leading cause of extinction of terrestrial species. 

CanopyStyle brands commit to: The elimination of Ancient and Endangered Forest fiber by the end of 2020. A preference for fibers with at least 50% of innovative fiber sources in 2020, with targets in place by 2025. CanopyStyle is widely adopted by viscose producers. 75% of global supply has CanopyStyle Policies. 57% of global supply has done the CanopyStyle audit. 

The report mentions that the solution to promote innovative fiber is mainly composed of three parts: first, to eliminate procurement from ancient and endangered forests; second, to treat surplus straw as an alternative energy source; and third, to regenerate textiles. 

Finally, Neva and Catharine introduced Canopy Style's innovative partners and further appealed to everyone to join the plan to protect the forest. 
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