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Path exploration of China VSF sustainable development
!!Zhang Zixin from Collaboration for Sustainable Development of Viscose

2019-05-22 11:27:32
Zhang Zixin from Collaboration for Sustainable Development of Viscose delivers his report of Path exploration of China VSF sustainable development 

Mr. Zhang¨s report mainly introduces several aspects: 

First, Mr. Zhang introduces the overview of the industry sustainability. Under the guidance of national environmental protection policy, the industry has faced various management requirements in the past two years. With the rapid growth of regenerated cellulose staple fiber (viscose staple fiber) production capacity, product energy consumption, wastewater and pollutant emissions have declined rapidly, but the industry is environmentally friendly. The impact still exists, and the amount of pollutants produced by the lyocell fiber is low, and the planned and planned capacity projects under construction are about 1.2 million tons. Green sustainable development has become a trend. 

Second, he talks about the Industry Sustainable Development Action. Green sustainable development is the appeal of stakeholders. So how to guide enterprises to improve the level of green development? How to promote green sustainable development in the industry? Mr. Zhang made specific plans on these two issues. 

Third, Mr. Zhng summarizes the problems of the past year and the future prospects: hope for transparency, data disclosure consistency; exchange learning between industry and industry chain; implementation and improvement of roadmap; more comprehensive sustainable performance; cooperation extension of green industry chain. The Alliance initiative fulfills its responsibility for nature. From forest land to fashion, every link in the industry chain can achieve green sustainability in raw material sources, production processes, and product safety. At present, it has received support from 142 cotton textile and non-woven enterprises. Sustainability requires third-party certification of brand value, chain of custody certification, and the source of production for sustainable forest certification. The alliance requires: legality, reliability, protection of forests, and transparency.
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