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Lenzing Sustainability Strategy and Brand Structure
!!David Qian, Lenzing

2019-05-22 10:22:24
David Qian, Lenzing, delivers his report of Lenzing Sustainability Strategy and Brand Structure 

Mr. Qian¨s report was separated by 4 aspects: 

Firstly, Mr. Qian made a brief introduction about the Lenzing Group, with group revenue EUR 2.18 bn in 2018 and the R&D expenditure at $42.8 million, and then pointed out the Lenzing Group Sustainability Report 2018. 

Secondly, he analyzed the Lenzing Sustainability Strategy. Currently, we faced 4 major challenges: global warming, waste & plastics accumulation and the resource depletion. Sustainability Strategy gives Lenzing guidance to focus on the most relevant topics: Greening the value chain (net benefit thinking, holistic approach), circularity and partnering for change. The solutions of Lenzing mainly included responsible sourcing, lower footprint, sustainable innovations and transparency & partnerships. He then profoundly described the green theory and technology of Lenzing group. 

Thirdly, Mr. Qian introduced the brand structure of Lenzing, and its core brands included tencel, veocel and LENZING. Since 80 years, Lenzing has consistently developed it¨s product portfolio to more specialized and sustainably manufactures fiber products. LENZING¨s bio-refinery concept ensures that 100% of the wood is used to produce fibers. 

At last, Mr. Qian introduced their LENZINGTM ™ECOVEROTM™: Since April 2018, Lenzing is manufacturing LENZING™ ECOVERO™ in China at it¨s site in Nanjing, and LENZING™ ECOVERO™ is the worldwide highest environmental standards in the viscose production, with supply chain transparency. 
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