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All-round Viscose Solutions
!!Alessandro Pellegrini, Business development manager of viscose fiber from Bozzetto Group

2018-05-24 10:21:06
Alessandro Pellegrini, Business development manager of viscose fiber from Bozzetto Group, presented his report of All-round Viscose Solutions 
Alessandro Pellegrini firstly made a brief introduction to Bozzetto Group which has business all over the word, especially in Europe and China. Its customers are centered on textile chemicals, performance chemicals and building chemicals. 

For its supply chain, it purchases best raw materials, researches and updates new products by organic synthesis and polymerization, and sells the products to customers at last. Bozzetto Group is highlighted with outstanding R&D and has 50 researchers worldwide. It has innovative viscose pilot plant to realize customized pilot production, new fiber development, new pulp evaluation and production process optimization. 

Alessandro Pellegrini also pointed out that Bozzetto proved knowledge in viscose industry for more than 30 years and the new generation of viscose additives is now required to fulfil environmental concerns, cost/benefit evaluation, extreme performance and high flexibility. 

He then mentioned some auxiliaries, such as activators which are listed by FDA for food-contact applications and modifiers which can set the performance requirements for customers based on target market. In addition, soft finish technology can achieve faster speed. 

At last, for new generation of lyocell fibers, Alessandro Pellegrini indicated that auxiliaries can reduce the necessary components and expressed the willingness to corporate with worldwide known institutes. 
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