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Changes and trend of apparel enterprises' fabric procurement
!!Huang Gangfeng, Purchasing Director of I¨Happy Group

2018-05-23 17:22:44
Huang Gangfeng, Purchasing Director of I¨Happy Group, gave his report of Changes and trend of apparel enterprises¨ fabric procurement 

Firstly, Mr. Huang gives a brief introduction of the development and operating status of I' Happy Group. I'Happy Group, established in 2002, is an apparel company covering fast fashion women's and children's wears, including businesses of apparels, logistics, software development and big data. 

Secondly, Mr. Huang introduces the ready-garment production and fabric purchasing of the company. 

Thirdly, he analyzes the statistics and the reasons for changes. The logic of the statistics change is that there are big changes on macro economy, market environment and consumers' demand. 
1. After the apparel industry experienced a painful destocking cycle in 2013-2016, there has been a marked recovery. Confidence among consumers and distributors has significantly increased and the industry has entered a stage of steady development. 
2. The impact of e-commerce on traditional offline brands gradually faded, and offline store sales showed signs of recovery. 
3. Consumers are more and more diversified in their pursuit of the market, and personalization is becoming more and more obvious. 
4. Design studios and OEM factories are constantly coming out. 

Fourthly, changes and trend of fast fashion women's clothing industry. China's apparel industry has experienced three development phases: first phase: wholesaler age in 1990-2000; second phase: retailer age in 2000-2010; brander age after 2010. 

Fifthly, he has explorations and practices of clothing industry under new business environment. In face of the changeable markets and consumers' demand, industry shall update quickly, have multi-level supply chain mode and business model innovation. 
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