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Challenge the fabric
!!Nina Elmersson, vice president of Strategy and Project business of Ekman

2018-05-23 15:55:45
Nina Elmersson, vice president of Strategy and Project business of Ekman, presented his report of Challenge the fabric  

Mrs. Nina's report is divided into three parts. 

Firstly, she introduced the development projects of Ekman, briefing the reason for initiating the project. She said that it is important to increase awareness of viscose and connect it to the forest industry (B2B), educate and inspire end-consumers (B2C), creat a discussion about the future opportunities in the viscose industry. 

Second, she talked about market opportunities. The global fashion industry is valued at 3 000 billion dollars. The fashion consumption has doubled in 15 years and is still growing. There is a new positive discourse around BIOMATERIALS. 

Thirdly she talked about her understanding of future outcome. To bridge the gap between innovative materials and the creative fashion industry, we may introduce alternatives to the future generation of designers, explore the potential of viscose for the fashion industry and highlight viscose as adequate alternative to other materials. 

Humorously at last she said that her clothes today was made of recycled fibers. 
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