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ECOVERO™& Lenzing new brand architecture
!!Hu Jian, Senior Vice President North Asia of Lenzing,

2018-05-23 11:15:53
Hu Jian, Senior Vice President North Asia of Lenzing, presented his report of ECOVERO™& Lenzing new brand architecture 
Firstly, Mr. Hu made a brief introduction about Lenzing Group, pointed out the leadership position of Lenzing in world wood fiber, and presented the prosperous development of Lenzing simply. 

Secondly, Mr. Hu introduced the challenges that we faced from the angle of macro economy: namely the contradiction between limited resources and growing demand, and mentioned that it was important to improve the consumption rate of resources. He emphasized that Lenzing used wood as raw material and enjoyed the advantage of environmental protection and high utilization. 

Then, He expressed the launch of new brands like TENCEL, Lyocell & Modal of Lenzing and stressed that Modal had small influence on environment, and further introduced brand plan for different market segments. 

Finally, he made a brief summary on this report, pointed out that the sustainable development requires the participation of government, enterprises and individual, and made forecast for the future development. 
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