The growth of cellulose fiber capacity has been slowing down, with an average of less than 7% in recent four years. Market applications expand further with frequent emergence of new yarns. However, some cellulose fiber plants were shut down by increasing environmental pressure, so the price skyrocketed by more than 3000yuan/mt in 2015. Meanwhile, the product is gradually renamed and producers put more efforts on environmental protection. Coupled with the appearance of new downstream products, cellulose fiber seems to welcome new cycle of growth.

However, the external environment of rising US dollar index, new lows of crude oil, plummeting Chinese yuan, remarkable volatility of China stock market and faster outward transfer of China textile industry indicates no easy cellulose fiber industry operation.

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. Will cellulose fiber continue to be “a black horse” in 2016? How will exchange rate influence dissolving pulp import? What should cellulose fiber enterprises do to improve the environment? How to enhance image of cellulose fiber? What about downstream cost advantage in different countries or regions? Let us find answers at “2016 China Hangzhou Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum”.

CCFGroup has been engaged in serving and assisting the industry for years. Cellulose fiber industry forum as our brand gives in-depth understanding and offers platform for high efficiency business communication.

We sincerely look forward to meeting you in G20’s location of 2016!


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Meeting Matters

Registration:May 25
Forum: May 26-May 27 A.M.
New Century Grand Hotel, Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou, China ★★★★★
(New Century Hall, 4F) (No. 818, Middle Shixin Road, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China)
Conference Fee:
USD 1,380/person
early bird fee: 1280USD/person before April 30, 2016
Twin-bed Room:550yuan/person/day
King-size Room:600yuan/person/day
Contact: Rachel Chen ,Sue Su
Phone:+86-571-83786653 , 86-571-8378-6693

Forum Agenda

May 26    4F New Century Grand Hotel
8:40 Opening remarks
8:50 Exchange rate, exchange rate risk aversion and exchange rate trend of major currencies
—Cao Honggang,The People's Bank of China
Cao Honggang, doctor of economics is now working in Monetary Policy Department II of the People’s Bank of China. His research focuses on the macro economy & the monetary policy, economic transformation and system evolution. Dr. Cao has been engaged in the study of macro-economic and financial situation and exchange rate policy for many years and takes part in the reform of RMB exchange rate system for many times, having unique insights on the major currency trends, RMB exchange rate reform and monetary policy. He has in-depth study on exchange rate system, exchange rate determination, international monetary policy system reform, structural inflation and economic system reform, etc. Moreover, Dr. Cao has published dozens of papers on core journals, such as “Journal of Financial Research”, “Social Science” and “Shanghai Finance” and has written several books dependently or independently, like “Objective of the Government’s Behavior and Institution Transition” and “Exchange Rate and Monetary Policy Study”.
9:50 How does viscose industry adapt to financial environment under the new normal?
—Wu Zhiwei,Tianxiang Investment
Wu Zhiwei, born in 1974, with master’s degree, is a chemical fiber industry veteran.He has been engaged in chemical fiber industry since 1996.From 2015 to date, he has been devoted to financial investment and financing field.

Currently, he is serving as chairman of Hangzhou Tianxiang Investment Co., LTD.Mr. Wu has rich experience in chemical fiber industry. By living and working in Vancouver for years, he is familiar with both Eastern and Western cultures and has unique insight and interpretation. He holds unique cross-industry perspective with deep practical operation skills.
Tea break
10:40 Panel discussion: how shall viscose industry chain producers interest new customers through forest protection?
—Canopy, Inditex/Zara, Marks and Spencer, Rainforest Alliance, etc
Sandra Castañeda-Elena (Bilbao,Spain, 1974)
Senior advisor sustainability at Inditex S.A. (owner of brands such as Zara, Bershka and Pull & Bear). She is also member of the SAAT board of Triodos Bank (European ethical and sustainable bank).
Sandrahas worked in the textile-sustainability field since 2005. Prior to Inditex, she worked at the North American based NGOTextile Exchange as Director of Industry Engagement; and at IstitutoEuropeo di Design in Madrid, coordinating their sustainability curricula.
Before joining the textile-fashion industry, she dedicated five years to setting up Triodos Bank in Spain, where she headed marketing and communication,as well as compliance and legal affairs.
Sandra has a Master’s in Human Rights International Law and a Law and Business degree. She has participated in development programs in Nicaragua, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Brussels.
Tony Taylor Senior Manager at Marks & Spencer
Tony has been with Marks & Spencer for over 30 years .Initiallyemployed as a graduate textile technologist makinghisway up throughvariousclothingdepartments in the UK head office beforemoving to Hong Kong in 1992 wherehewasresponsible for all theirfabrics sourced in Asia . A brief return to textile technology in the UK in 1997 before returningpermanently to Asiawherehe helped set up the new sourcing office and the firewall office in Dongguan .Nowwith over 15 years as a senior manager in Hong Kong. He ispassionate about meeting the company's Plan A sustainability initiatives includingstrongcommitments to reduceharmfulenvironmentaltoxinsfrom the production of apparel. Tony isexcited to workwith the CanopyStyle Initiative and see the positive stepsbeingtaken by producers of man-made cellulosics in China.
Xinxin ZHANG China Country Rep Rainforest Alliance Certification
Xinxin Zhang has been working as a consultant for Rainforest Alliance since 2013 and is responsible for representing Rainforest Alliance certification and assurance services in China including coordinating certification client portfolios and for servicing present and prospective clients in all matters related to FSC certification, SAN certification and verification programs and services. She is a forestry focal person of the Asia Pacific region. Xinxin holds double master degrees, MSc in Natural Resource and Forest Management from Goettingen University, Germany and Msc in Conservation and Land Management, Bangor University, Wales. Prior to joining Rainforest Alliance, Xinxin spent over 10 years working in forestry including working with WWF China as a senior forest officer, IKEA as a forest coordinator, and China Academy of Forestry as a research assistant. She is an ISO 9001 approved lead auditor, as well as FSC FM lead.
Amanda Carr, Campaign Director,has worked as an international environmental consultant and managed the corporate social responsibility engagement strategy for a $6 billion investment fund. Amanda’s successes include leading negotiation of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement which saw the protection of 85% of this rare forest as well as a $120 million private-government conservation-financing package for local communities. With Canopy she is the strategic lead with the clothing sector and bringing together the Fashion and Textile Leaders for Forest Conservation to create market clarity for viscose producers globally. Amanda is very proud to be part of the team at Canopy and to work with Melissa Filion and Catherine Stewart, Canopy's leads on collaborative work with global viscose producers. o ignored
Veronique Rochet is the sustainability manager for H&M’s China region. She has worked for H&M for 16 years from 2000 – 2016. Initially she was based in H&M’s New Delhi office, responsible for sustainability in H&M’s supply chain in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Veronique then worked with H&M’s Eastern Europe region, where she supported the implementation of H&M’s new sustainability assessment method. She moved to China in 2007, where she is now responsible for overall strategic direction of H&M’s sustainability initiatives in China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar.
Dr. Christian REISINGER,CEO of Shandong Yamei Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.,“Taishan Scholar” of Shandong Province
Dr. REISINGER, Austrian, PhD in Biotechnology. Independent Director of Board of Shandong Bohi Industry Group, CEO of Shandong Yamei,“Taishan Scholar” appointed by Shandong Provincial Government. He worked for Austrian Lenzing Group for over 20 years and held several senior management positions, such as Chairman of Board of Lenzing Technik GMBH and member of Management Board of Lenzing AG.
13:50 2017 spring & summer textile trends
—Liu Li,Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Dr. Liu Li, is an associate professor and master tutor of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. Committed in textile and apparel industry, as well as in cultural creativity industry, the institute is resolved to become a domestically first-class and globally renowned university with distinctive features in textile and apparel sector.

1. Experience
Research assistant in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Jul 2009 - Jul 2010)
Visiting scholar in Cornell University (Dec 2014 – May 2015)
Director of BIEM.L.FDLKK golf clothing human engineering research center of BICT (since 2013)

2. Other title: A member of technic committee of China Designer Association

3. Academic attainment
She has publishedmore than 30 papers with 10 listed in EI and CPCI, released 3 books of translations, acquired 1 patent for invention and 7 utility model patents.

4. Awards
Include but not limited to
(1) 2013-2016, winner of “outstanding young scholar” three-year scheme of introduction of high-level talents to Beijing’s higher education institutes
(2) 2012-2014, winner of “excellent talent sponsorship” of the organization department of Beijing municipal party committee
(3) 2014, first prize of teaching achievement in Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology
(4) 2012, third prize of “Light of Textile” Sci-Tech Award of China National Textile and Apparel Council
14:30 How to enhance environmental friendliness of viscose staple fiber?
—Ren Jianchun, China Hi-tech Textile Design Institute Co., Ltd
Ren Jianchun,China Hi-Tech (Jiangxi) Textile Design Institute Co., Ltd.
Graduated from Tianjin Textile Industry School in July 1996, Ren has worked as designer and engineering consultancy of China Hi-Tech (Jiangxi) Textile Design Institute Co., Ltd. (short as CHJTDI) (originally Jiangxi Design Institute of Light & Chemical Industry) engaging in textile, dyeing and printing, and chemical fiber industry since then. Ren has won the appraisal as a senior engineer in Dec 2006, and is now the vice president of CHJTDI and chairman of technique and equipment office, as well as the vice general engineer of chemical fiber.
15:05 Value remodeling of viscose staple fiber
—Ben Poon,Sateri
POON Wai Yip, Ben
Senior VP, Commercial
POON Wai Yip Ben has been the Senior Vice President for Commercial of the Group since 2012. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Poon was Asia Pacific managing director for Cookson Electronic-Enthone division. Mr. Poon also spent 21 years at The Dow Chemical Company with his last position as global commercial vice president for MEGlobal. Mr. Poon graduated with a master of business administration degree from University of Louisiana at Monroe in 1988. He is a member of both Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
Speech summary: Value Remodeling of Regenerated Cellulose Fiber
Regenerated cellulose fiber has the characteristics of smooth, cool, breathable, anti - static, bright colored and bio-degradable, which are in line with the requirements of consumers and clothing industry development.
The value of regenerated cellulose fiber needs to be further remodeled to meet the demand of end consumers.
Tea break
15:55 Standard emission of wasted gas in cellulose fiber production/Application of WSA technology in cellulose fiber industry
—Gao Qiang, Hangzhou Autoon/Liu Zhenyu, Topsoe
Gao Qiang (born in 1981, bachelor degree) has been working in Hangzhou Autoon Environmental Technology Stock Corporation since 2006 and he is now vice-general manager of the company. He has been engaged in DCS application in chemical fiber production, electric, automotive engineering and environmental engineering for long term. He took part in flue gas recycling program and auto control project along with Xinjiang Fulida, CHTC HELON, and Shandong Silver Hawk. He also engaged in the patent application of carbon disulfide desorption processor, PTFE heat exchanger, pneumatic butterfly valve, exhaust gas treatment of viscose fiber dryer, etc.
Liu Zhenyu graduated from North University of China and attained the degree in Chemical Engineering and Technology in 2003. He was once employed by Tokyo Rikakikai and GEA engineering (China), and is now the sales manager of Topsoe's branch company in China. Liu has a profound background and rich experience in cross-border chemical sales and market for more than 13 years.
16:25 Status and outlook of cellulose fiber in turbulent environment
—Ding Jinqi,CCFGroup
Ding Jinqi is now working as product manager and analyst of CCFGroup. He has been engaged in viscose fiber industry research for about ten years. He is also responsible for the investigation of cotton textile raw materials and mutual influence of macro economy. Mr. Ding forecasted the appearance of major market change for several times, successfully suggested the correct time of investment and pointed out significant risks. In the past decade, he has organized the largest worldwide viscose industry forum for nine times and delivered speeches on several conferences. He is also appointed as the consultant by some enterprises. Currently, he is leading the connection of fiber weaving and apparel design planned by CCFGroup.
17:05 Investment and operation cost analysis of major Asian textile countries and regions
—Zheng Shengwei,CCFGroup
Zheng Shengwei, manager of CCFGroup and senior consultant of textile and yarn industry, editor of “China Cotton Textile Weekly”, has been engaged in textile industry analysis for more than ten years. Mr. Zheng has delivered speeches on textile, yarn and fiber conferences both at home and abroadfor many times.

Research orientation:
Cotton yarn, polyester yarn, rayon yarn and blended yarn market development trend, operating status and decision-making reference in China
Textile industry operating status and industrial structural adjustment trend study of China
International textile and apparel industrial pattern
Status quo of imported yarn markets such as Pakistan, India, Taiwan and Uzbekistan, etc and decision-making reference
Spinning and weaving capacity distribution on global market, and edge comparison
International textile and apparel import and export analysis and development trend
May 27    4F New Century Grand Hotel
9:00 Competitive dynamics of dissolving wood pulp mills & market price implications for DWP buyers
—Richard Bassett, Charlestown
Mr. Richard Bassett is the Managing Partner of Charlestown Investments which previously acquired the Port Alice dissolving wood pulp mill in British Columbia, Canada renamed Neucel. It was restarted by Mr. Bassett and his colleagues from Charlestown Investments.

Charlestown Investments acquired the Cosmopolis dissolving wood pulp mill in Washington State together with private equity partners Gores Capital and Mr. Dermot Smurfit. Prior to becoming an investment principal, Mr. Bassett served as a corporate finance adviser to more than 250, Fortune 500 Companies and Banks including Shell, Hoechst/Aventis, IBM, Citibank, Novartis, Total, UBS and more than 100 other firms.

During his tenure as an adviser on: creating shareholder value, M&A, optimal capital structure and capital budgeting / corporate investment strategies, Mr. Bassett advised on more than $65 billion in closed transactions and more than $100 billion in internal investments. These transactions and investments provided Mr. Bassett with the opportunity to work in more than 35 countries and across a range of industries. Mr. Bassett has a BA in Political Science and History and an MBA earned from Boston College and INSEAD, France.
9:30 Viscose processing: running the right finish
—Ralf Nyhofen, Levaco
Ralf Nyhofen graduated in 1998 from the University of Applied Science in Krefeld, Germany as a chemical engineer in organic chemistry. He started his career in the R&D department of Zschimmer&Schwarz, Lahnstein with synthetic fibre finish development being the strongpoint. Ralf Nyhofen then progressed to the position of R&D manager Fibre auxiliaries with Bozzetto GmbH in Krefeld in 2002. This business included the development and production of chemicals for standard viscose, modal and lyocell as well as synthetic fibre finishes. His next position was to assist the forerunner of LEVACO Chemicals which had been supplying, for decades, spin finishes within the BAYER Group. Ralf Nyhofen became the Manager of the business unit “Fibre Chemicals” in 2013 and with his almost 20 years of experience in the production, development and marketing of auxiliaries in both the synthetic and viscose industries he is able to assess how these chemicals may be best applied to each relevant fibre production process.
10:00 The outlook for paper grade pulp until 2020; how will oversupply impact dissolving pulp markets
—Oliver Lansdell, Hawkins Wright
Oliver is an industry analyst and consultant with more than 14 years' experience in the international pulp and paper industry. He has been with Hawkins Wright since 2007, working as one of the editors of Pulpwatch, Hawkins Wright’s monthly newsletter, the co-author of the Outlook for Market Pulp service, and the principal author of the Outlook for Dissolving Pulp. Prior to joining the company, Oliver worked as an analyst with the Pulp and Paper Products Council (PPPC) in Montreal, Canada.

Oliver has lead multiple consultancy projects including feasibility studies for pulp mills in Latin America, Russia and South East Asia. He presents frequently at industry gatherings.
10:30 China's cellulose status quo and demand for feedstock
—Shao Ziqiang, China Cellulose Industry Association
11:00 DWP market update
—Christian Chavassieu, Celco
Christian Chavassieu has over 20 years’ experience in the cellulose Industry . He is currently a managing partner at CelCo, a consulting company mainly focused on the Dissolving Wood Pulp Industry. He previously held positions with Sateri as sales and marketing Director , with Buckeye Technologies Inc. as senior vice president of the Wood pulp division and with Chavassieu & Cie SA, a pulp and paper trading company based in France as its President. Also worked for Apple computer and Schlumberger in various finance executive positions. Christian holds a bachelor degree in marketing from Institut Supérieur de Gestion in Paris and a master degree in business administration from Columbia University in New York.
11:30 Will China's non-cotton era continue
—Li Zhenhua, CCFGroup
Li Zhenhua, team leader of cotton market analysis in CCFGroup, is a senior analyst graduated from School of Economics,Fudan University. He has been engaged in cotton market research for many years, having deep insight in cotton policy, market status and market rule. He has delivered speeches on industrial conferences for many times.
*Note: Topics are subject to final adjustment.

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10th China Hangzhou Cellulose Fiber(viscose) Industry Forum hosted by, , and www.tteb.comwill be held at Hangzhou New Century Grand Hotel during May 25-27, 2016 to promote communication and development of the industry as well as help domestic companies construct supply-demand channels with foreign enterprises.
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