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Viscose staple fiber market was brisk and the price hit a decade high in 2006 and 2007. Attracted by exceptional profits and great demand, VSF industry structure experienced some changes and the capacity grew rapidly. Entering 2008, high prices and rapid capacity expansions began to pose a negative impact on viscose industry and the market suffered pressure of adjustment.

Viscose filament yarn market continued to be sluggish given increasing costs and lackluster demand. The capacity of cotton linter pulp has reached a critical level due to the restriction of feedstock supply and environmental factors. However, dissolving pulp plants had some large-scale capacity expansions driven by a robust demand from downstream sector. With the constant surging of sulfur costs, the prices of carbon disulfide soared. Faced with these changes, what will occur to viscose industrial chain? How to respond to these changes? The forum will give you some guides.

CCFGroup has been always committed to the research of viscose industry and has a wide influence in both Chinese and overseas market. ˇ°2008 China Viscose Industry Forumˇ± to be held in Hangzhou will invite enterprises of cotton linter pulp, dissolving pulp, viscose staple fiber, viscose filament yarn, cotton textiles and authorized institutions to discuss on hotspot issues of viscose industry. The attendees will also include home and overseas viscose and feedstock producers, downstream cotton textile manufacturers, traders, experts and leaders from some associations.
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